Indian American Medical Association of Illinois

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36th Anniversary IAMA Annual Gala Banquet

Past Presidents: Dr. Rohitkumar Vasa,Dr. Umang Patel,Dr. Annita john, Dr. samir Shah, Dr. Deepak Mital, Dr. Marella Hanumadass, Dr. Aruna Vade, Dr. Amarjit Singh, Dr. Gopal Lalmalani, Dr. Vemuri Murthy.

Dr. Samir Shah receiving President’s Award from Dr. Gopal Lalmalani, Past president of IAMA-IL, AAPI and Mayor of Oakbrook. Dr. Hanumadass and Dr. Mital in back.

Dr. Suresh Reddy, Dr. Gautam Samadder( President-Elect-AAPI), Dr. Samir Shah ( President-IAMAIL), Dr. Sreenivas Reddy, Dr. R. Parikh

Dr. Roger Rodrigues, Dr. Sreenivas Reddy, Dr. Gopal Lalmalani, Dr. Clrence Brown ( President, CMS), Dr. Samir Shah( President IAMA-IL), Dr. Vemuri Murthy, Dr. Ted Kanellakes

Mr. Kevin Cmunt, Dr. Pat pappas, Dr. Samir Shah

Mr. Kevin Cmunt, Dr. Pat pappas, Dr. Samir Shah, Dr. Deepak Mital and Dr. Arvind goyal.

Dr. Samir Shah, Dr. M. Hanumadass, Dr. Rohitkumar Vasa & Dr. Murthy-Giving IAMA Leaders ship award to Dr. Rohitkumar Vasa.

Dr. vemuri Murthy, Paragi patel, Dr. Umang patel, Dr. M. Hanumadass& Dr. Samir Shah - President’s Community service award to Dr. Umang Patel.

Dr. Vemuri Murthy, Dr. Samir Shah, Dr. Arving Goyal and Dr. Hanumadass-President’s appreciation Award to Dr. Goyal.

Dr. Samir and Bella Shah giving token of appreciation from IAMA to the Guest of Honor Mr. Kevin Cmunt, President & CEO of the “Gift of Life” Foundation.

Dr. Samir Shah and Dr. Vemuri Murthy with Lifetime Achievement award to Dr. Murthy.

Radhika Chimata, Paragi patel, Bella Shah, Dr. Usha Vasa, Darshana Brahmbhatt, Dr. Kiran Bias and Mrs.Rita Amin-Auxilliary committee members receiving flower bouquet.

Dr. Samir Shah,Dr. Radhika Chimata & Dr. Vemuri murthy. President’s young Physician Award to Radhika for her participation with IAMA Global Health Project in Hyderabad.

Dr. Radhika Chimata, Shruti Talati and Dr. Samir Shah ( Presidet, IAMA-IL) with the first prize for IAMA Golden Stethoscope award to Shruti.

Dr. Vemuri Murthy, Dr. Jay Joshi, Dr. Samir Shah and Dr. Hanumadass presenting 2016, IAMA Young Physician Award to Dr. Joshi.