Free Primary Healthcare

– The clinic provides free primary healthcare to anyone in need through walk-ins and appointments

Free Limited Laboratory
– The clinic has an on-site phlebotomist for when patients require further testing

Free Limited Pharmacy
– The clinic houses a small pharmacy with a limited range of (non-narcotic) prescription drugs for patient treatment

Health Education and Prevention
– The clinic provides information workshops and screening sessions on topics like diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, and nutrition. These workshops are designed to educate patients and provide them with information about their condition to help empower them and allow them to take control of their health.

Pharmacy Reconciliation Clinic
– A clinic dedicated to educating patients about the medications they are prescribed. The pharmacist and medical student aid with medication management by providing information about the medication with respect to the medical condition in question and potential side effects.

Specialty Services

iabetic Eye Exams
– Monthly ophthalmological screenings for patients with a history of diabetes to assess retinal changes.

Dermatological Exams
– Quarterly dermatological screenings for patients with concerns about various skin conditions.

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