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Indian American medical association, Illinois

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President *

Suresh Reddy, M.D.

President-Elect *

Piyush Vyas, M.D.

Secretary *

Radhika Chimata, M.D.

Secretary-Elect *

Dilip Shah, M.D.

Treasurer *

Meher Medavaram, M.D.

Treasurer - Elect

Rajeev Kumar, M.D.

IAMACF Chair *

Sukanya Reddy, M.D.

Academic Affairs Committee Chair *

Tapan Parikh, M.D.

By-Laws Committee Chair *

Utpal Parekh, M.D.

Communications & PR Committee Chair *

Ram Saladi, M.D.

Education Committee Chair *

Srilata Gundala, M.D.

Entertainment Committee Chair *


Global Health Committee Chair

Rohitkumar Vasa, M.D.

Global Health Committee Advisor

Vemuri Murthy, M.D.

Health Awareness Committee Chair *

Neetha Dhananjaya, M.D.

Legal Consultant

T. Paul S. Chawla, Esq.

Liaison Committee for CMS/ ISMS/ AMA Chair

Raj Lal, M.D.

Liaison Committee for CMS/ ISMS/ AMA Advisor

Piyush Vyas, M.D.

Membership Committee Chair *

Aparna Natarajan, M.D.

Presidential Advisor

Utpal Parekh, M.D.

Presidential Advisor

Niranjana Shah, M.D.

Young Physicians Committee Chair *

Pooja Kinkhabwala, MD

Resident Physician Committee Chair

Saarah Alkhairy, M.D.

Board of Directors Chair

Suneela Harsoor, M.D.

ACA & Health Reform Committee Chair

Utpal Parekh, M.D.

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Indian American medical association, Illinois

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