Dear Fellow Physicians,

I hope you have had a sweet and cozy holiday. I am excited to usher in a healthy, safer and prosperous 2021!

Indian American Medical Association (IAMA-IL), is Forty years old large, illustrious, ethnic, not for profit Medical organization, committed to professional excellence, community wellness and education. It is an incredible honor to assume leadership of such an organization. I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to the esteemed members of IAMA-IL for giving me this opportunity to be your President for the year 2021. I am truly humbled for the confidence reposed inn me. I am looking forward to continue the legacy of IAMA-IL’s founding members on whose shoulders I stand today.

This year we have a very proficient and accomplished Executive committee, who is putting together meaningful programs to serve our physicians and community. We hope to see you take complete advantage of your membership by participating in all our events.

I would like to share my vision and intent for IAMA-IL for the year 2021 and sincerely request for your support and invigorating companionship in this journey. 

  • Physician Wellness: 
    • Physicians are the heart and soul of IAMA-IL. Drastic health care changes as well as unprecedented stress from managing COVID-19 patients have significantly affected their physical and mental health. We have heard many talks on physician burnout, it is time to act on it.  I will be setting up a monthly physician support group to increase awareness as well as prevent and mitigate burn out 
  • Pandemic: 
    • New challenges from 2020 are still a reality in 2021. IAMA-IL will be educating community regarding importance of following CDC guidelines to prevent spread of COVID-19 and encourage vaccination. Our health awareness committee has already lined up informational meetings in local libraries and Temples.
  • Community Mental Health initiative: 
    • Work towards creating awareness programs to change workplace stress, promote healthy aging, combating Opioid epidemic and COVID related mental illness.
  • Women’s Health: 
    • Of late, it has taken backseat. We intend to bring the focus back to women’s issues like female Oncological disorders, Cardiac vulnerabilities as well as Postpartum depression
  • Rejuvenating PIT Membership Drive:  
    • Attracting new, especially younger members continues to be a challenge for IAMA-IL. We will explore the needs of young physicians, and provide them with a platform to create programs that will help them bloom further. IAMA-IL’s well-established Golden Stethoscope Awards program will continue to flourish in this tenure. 
  • CME: 
    • We will restart CME programs to further empower our physicians who are busy taking care of the patients so that they can better serve the community as well as protect themselves from changing health care laws and the practice of Telemedicine.
  • IAMACF: 
    • I, with my team will be supporting and strengthening IAMA-IL’s crown jewel, the charitable foundation and our newly elected dynamic Chair Dr. Sukanya Reddy, as they continue to grow stronger by the day and continue to offer free medical care for thousands of people. 
  • Integrated Vision of IAMA-IL: 
    • We will embrace organized medicine and join hands with Local as well as National medical societies. IAMA-IL was recognized for community health fairs which we hope to resume, when it is safe.
  • Continued Virtual Platform: 
    • In 2021, as we continue to stay vigilant, we are planning to meet virtually. We welcome all of you to participate and enjoy all the events from the safety of your home for now. In the later part of the year, we hope to bring you in for some in person dinner meetings.   If the State permits, we hope to golf and picnic with family! However, no one can stop us from singing and dancing, so let’s “jam” on Feb 7, 2021 at our first virtual karaoke night!

Me and my team are open to your suggestions and ideas; please bring them forth, join hands and let’s make a difference in 2021 and bring the change we want to see. 

Warm regards,

Suneela Harsoor, M.D.


Indian American Medical Association, Illinois.


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