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March 2021 Newsletter

Dear Fellow Physicians

February was a short, however, a busy month. Many of us participated in various educational programs offered by our partners in organized medicine, including CMS and AAPI. IAMA-IL celebrated Indian Republic day along with FIA. We also participated in the Indian American Cultural Association’s President’s day celebrations. The Gandhi King Legacy round-table summit arranged by Dr. Vijay Prabhakar for Metropolitan Asian Family Services was an eye-opener for the behavioral issues in our communities, the work being done so far by the Illinois Department of Human Services, Breakthrough Ministries, and access community health...

IAMA-IL’s new initiative towards physician wellness was kicked off on Feb 9th, 2021. We are hoping that physicians will be able to take advantage of these virtual monthly meetings as well as round-the-clock digital access provided by Dr. Monisha Vasa and her team’s Sustainable caring program.

Many of you responded to our appeal to write to Governor Pritzker to Veto the House Bill 3360. Out of 900 members, about forty members clicked on the URL; if you missed it, please consider reaching out to our Governor to protect our hard-working, selflessly serving physicians. Later we cannot complain when the Bill becomes the Law, and each one of us becomes a sitting duck to this groundbreaking special interest draconian Law. Remember Dharmo rakshathi rakshithaha (Dharma protects those who protect it)!

IAMA-IL’s health awareness committee has scheduled a large online COVID vaccine promotion event to educate multiple communities. We are excited to have Dr. Chundi, the chair of Chicago Medical Society’s COVID task force, as the main speaker. Our health awareness committee is also arranging for education on “colon health screening” while our Young Physicians In Training (PIT) are working on mental health screening program for our community.

Pandemic has been hard on every business, institution, and organization, including IAMA-IL. We appeal to you to support IAMA-IL to continue its services. Please look into our sponsorship package below and spread the word. 

We are continuing our work to organize a Women’s Health Symposium.

IAMA-IL members got to hear an evidence-based talk named “Healthy Life - Vegan Way a clinician’s experience “By Dr. Shrenik Shah, President, World Vegan Vision.

On a lighter note, Dr. Samir Shah’s first online Karaoke was a great success, with 81 folks registering and not willing to stop singing when the time was up!  You can expect a lot more of these fun-filled musical events on popular demand! 

Feel free to reach the IAMA-IL office or me if you have other creative ideas to support our communities

Warmer and happier days are in the horizon. Be safe and take care


Dr. Suneela Harsoor

President, IAMA-IL

Indian American Cultural Association’s President’s Day Celebrations

The Gandhi King Legacy round-table summit

arranged by Dr. Vijay Prabhakar for Metropolitan Asian Family Services

Srennivas Reddy, M.D,

Suneela Harsoor, M.D.

Suresh Reddy, M.D.

Suneela Harsoor, M.D. (IAMA-IL President)

Tariq Butt, M.D. (CMS President)

Suresh Reddy, M.D. (IAMA-IL President-Elect)

Round-Table Summit 2021

IAMA-IL Karaoke

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